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Ashamed Boston Terrier puppy standing next to a chewed-up door

We all do the best we can for our pets, creating a life that allows them to be healthy, comfortable, and happy. Despite these efforts, many owners still find themselves encountering disruptive and destructive behaviors from their pets when they are left alone.     Just like people, pets can experience anxiety at various levels. […]

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November 16
Drawing blood from a dog

Pets communicate their health through their behavior and their appearance, and as their pet parent you play an important part in keeping them happy and healthy. Regular wellness exams, at least once a year, that include blood work are the most effective way for you to keep track of their health and medications. Blood work […]

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"Pet Care 101 Spaying & Neutering." A puppy and kitten cuddling.

The topic of pet spay/neuter procedures continually creates buzz. What are the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet? When is the optimal age to spay/neuter? Is the procedure the right choice for my pet?     There are numerous benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered, most importantly: Prevention of diseases Improved behavior […]

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