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Chihuahua sits with essential oils

If you don’t have your own diffuser and essential oil set, chances are you know someone who does. You may have personally experienced or overheard someone talking about their lemongrass scented kitchen, relaxed lavender dreams, or their cold that was healed by eucalyptus and peppermint—but what most people don’t know (users and non-users alike) is […]

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Dog eating bread

Grain-free, or not grain-free – that is the question.   With the abundance of information surrounding grain-free pet food, it can seem difficult to discern the best option when it comes to your pet’s nutrition and, ultimately, their health.   Here we aim to demystify the grain-free diet and explain why Grand Valley Animal Hospital […]

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December 14
8th Annual Hoppy Howlidays & Meowy Catmas Pet Photo Contest

Brush the coat and fluff the fur – our 8th Annual Hoppy Howlidays & Meowy Catmas Pet Photo contest has arrived! Get your camera and companion ready for their chance to win our pawsome bag full of goodies sure to bring a smile to their face.     Grab some treats and an extra set of […]

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