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April 13

Pocket Pets

April 13,2015

Are you one of the four million homes in the U.S. that own a pocket pet, or are thinking about adding one to your family? This month’s installment of Pet Talk is here to help you learn how to care for these little critters. Pocket Pet refers to small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, […]

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February 5

We have some great information for this edition of Pet Talk about getting your indoor cat up and moving. Did you know cats sleep 70% of their lives? This tendency to lounge is very common among the cat community, but is only a part of the reason that nearly 60% of cats are obese. Food […]

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Welcome to the December issue of Pet Talk! A puppy or kitten can be an exciting addition to the family, but before you surprise your family with a new little furry friend, be sure you are prepared. In this month’s edition of Pet Talk we have included some ways to be prepared when bringing home […]

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