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Welcome to the December issue of Pet Talk! A puppy or kitten can be an exciting addition to the family, but before you surprise your family with a new little furry friend, be sure you are prepared. In this month’s edition of Pet Talk we have included some ways to be prepared when bringing home […]

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October 15

Welcome to Pet Talk

October 15,2014

Welcome to Grand Valley Animal Hospital’s new blog, Pet Talk! We are filled with excitement as we continue to help guide you further as informed and loving pet parents. This blog is to help educate pet owners, as well as those considering the responsibility of pet ownership, in many different areas of pet care and […]

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July 17

Heatstroke and Pets

July 17,2014

We all know that this time of year the temperature can get much hotter than what we are used to. When we are playing and having fun outside, we forget that our pets are more susceptible to dehydration, overheating, and heatstroke than we are. Heat-related illnesses should be taken seriously; it’s crucial to be informed […]

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