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May 15

Pet Cancer Awareness

May 15,2019

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. While the topic of cancer can often be overwhelming for pet owners, open discussion surrounding the disease (and how best to handle a diagnosis) helps everyone in the pet community to give the best quality of life to their pets, regardless of their status. Cancer in our pets is […]

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Spring has officially sprung! Soon the snow will finish melting, the grass will grow, and plants will bloom. We can’t wait for hours to be spent playing outdoors. As excited as we are for the arrival of spring, we can’t forget about the hazards outside that can potentially harm our pets. Let’s learn about what […]

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Grain-free, or not grain-free – that is the question.   With the abundance of information surrounding grain-free pet food, it can seem difficult to discern the best option when it comes to your pet’s nutrition and, ultimately, their health.   Here we aim to demystify the grain-free diet and explain why Grand Valley Animal Hospital […]

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