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June 20

Seasonal Allergies

June 20,2014

Allergy season is upon us, and we can’t forget that our pets develop allergies, too. Pets can develop seasonal allergies towards plants, dust, dander, and more. If untreated, allergies can leave your pet in severe discomfort and pain. Let’s learn about what pets are most commonly allergic to, symptoms of various seasonal allergies, and how […]

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May 30

We are thrilled to welcome our new veterinarian, Dr. Erika MacKinnon, to our growing team. Dr. MacKinnon will bring to GVAH not only her veterinary clinic experience, but also a deep passion for working with animals, as well as cutting-edge expertise on current veterinary practices, procedures, and research. Dr. MacKinnon earned her doctoral degree from […]

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March 25

Indoor Hazards

March 25,2014

Greetings from the staff at Grand Valley Animal Hospital! With spring on its way, we can’t help but look forward to warmer weather, longer days, and sunnier spirits. We also know that the end of a long winter means spring-cleaning and getting projects done around the house. From big home improvement projects to spring cleaning, […]

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