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GVAH offers a wide variety of veterinary services, from the preventive wellness exam to advanced surgical care and an online store. We accept all pet insurance reimbursement programs. Our hospital is growing, so come back often for updates.

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As pets age, they are more prone to develop arthritis, dental disease, obesity issues, and behavioral problems. Yearly preventive wellness exams are used to document changes and make small adjustments in your pet’s routine care. By doing this we are able to discuss, diagnose, and treat your pet in advance of any major health issues and changes in lifestyle. This is also a great time to discuss permanent identification for your pet with a microchip implant.

Did you know that missing only one yearly wellness exam with your pet is the equivalent of missing 14-15 years in the pet’s lifespan?

GVAH follows the recommendations of the American Animal Hospital Association (www.aaha.org), which include core vaccinations every three years and non-core vaccinations on an annual basis. We will discuss your geographical location and lifestyle, which may affect the individual needs of your pet. Rabies vaccinations are given based on city ordinances where you reside. To learn more about Grand Forks vaccination requirements, click here.

Intensive care, pre- and post-surgical, surgical rehab, physical therapy, hospice care, and emergency services are available. Talk to the staff for details and your pet’s needs.

GVAH offers its clients the convenience and savings of online shopping and prescription refills. Our clients will receive a personal login to trusted veterinary supply websites. These sites offer a large selection of products and are an economical option for clients purchasing products, medications, prescriptions, and prescription diets. If you have not yet received your client login, contact us today to get started.

Innovation, methodology, and research are just a few reasons GVAH carries the Royal Canin Brand prescription diet food. Other prescription diet manufacturers’ products are available as needed or upon request.

Small exotics, or pocket pets, range from rabbits, hedgehogs, and rodents (such as rats and guinea pigs), to reptiles like bearded dragons and iguanas. We can see your small exotic for most wellness exams, preventive care, special procedures, and surgeries.

We provide general avian services including wellness and sick pet exams, treatment, and maintenance such as wing, beak, and nail trims.


GVAH uses a multimodal (multi-agent) approach to all cases that require sedation or anesthesia.

Types of anesthetic drugs have evolved greatly, and by using the multimodal approach we are able to form the combination that best suits the procedure and the individual pet. This not only lessens the amount of time your pet is under anesthesia, but also allows us to manage their pain and to wake them up in a more controlled manner. A trained technician will be monitoring your pet during the procedure and throughout the recovery process.

Polishing, cleaning, prophylactic care, surgical extractions, and dental radiology are available. We fully evaluate each one of your pet’s teeth, both by oral exam and radiographs (x-rays), to determine their condition as well as any underlying problems in the jaw and below the gumline. To achieve this, sedation is necessary to reduce your pet’s stress level, control their pain, and provide a safe environment for your pet and the staff.

One of our knowledgeable veterinarians will be happy to discuss these procedures and the use of anesthetic for your pet.

Did you know nearly 90% of dogs have periodontal disease, and only 2% of pet owners brush their pet’s teeth on a regular basis?

Spaying, neutering, and declawing are available, as well as orthopedic services and soft tissue procedures, lump and foreign body removal, exploratory surgery, and others as needed. This is also a great time to discuss permanent identification for your pet with a microchip implant.

In-house diagnostic capabilities include hematology (red and white blood cell), chemistry, and microscope evaluation (urine and fecal). Advanced diagnostics and specialists are available when needed.

Digital x-rays allow us to receive enhanced visualization and instant results, to review pet injuries more quickly and efficiently for a faster diagnosis and improved education about treatment and recovery options for pet owners.

Orthopedic services include diagnosis, repair, pre-op and post-op care, pain management, and rehab. Some cases require surgery and others may not, and we will discuss the pros and cons with the client to find what options are best for them and their pet.

Reproductive services are available, and include artificial insemination (with fresh or chilled semen), surgical implant, semen collection and shipping, cesarean sections, progesterone treatment, and cytology.

In the event your pet goes missing, help ensure their safe return by microchipping them. During this simple, non-surgical procedure, a microchip implant is placed under your pet’s skin at the back of the neck. The microchip can then be scanned by most veterinarians, shelters, and rescue organizations to identify them and obtain their owner’s contact information, should their collar be missing.