So You Want to Own a Dog? Part 2

So You Want to Own a Dog? Part 2

We hope you enjoyed part one of this month’s Pet Talk and are glad to see you back for part two! September is Responsible Dog Ownership month, and while there are endless charms to owning a dog, there are also some very important responsibilities to know before taking on such a big commitment – learn more below.

Grooming & Dental Care 

Proper grooming and dental care will not only assure a cleaner house, it also means a happy, healthier dog. Bathe and brush your furry friend regularly to cut back on shedding and keep their coat from becoming dirty, tangled and matted, or worse yet, developing skin conditions caused by infrequent bathing and brushing.

Though it may seem small, regular at-home dental care is necessary to keep your dog’s vital organs running efficiently and to prevent bad breath, painful chewing, and tooth loss. You will want to brush your dog’s teeth with a toothpaste specially made for dogs or give them dental chews at least three times a week, on top of periodic professional dental cleaning when suggested by your veterinarian.

vet dental

Additionally, keep your dog’s nails trimmed to keep them from getting too long, to prevent injury to his feet and breaking, which may cause infection. You can have a groomer take care of this or you can do it yourself; just make sure to keep clotting powder on hand in case of over-trimming.


dog pulling on leash

While obedience training may seem like a luxury, it is very much a necessity for all dog breeds. Proper leash-training is just one of many things your dog will learn from a great reward-based trainer, and it can be hard to master on your own because of positive cues that dogs learn when they pull, especially when using a retractable leash. Learn the top three tips for choosing the best trainer here and reap the benefits, which include strengthening your bond with your dog, preventing and correcting unwanted behaviors, and overall creating a well-balanced, happier dog.


Last but not least, get up and get active! Taking your pooch for a walk at least once a day is important not only physically, but mentally as well. Many behavior problems arise out of boredom, and a quick walk is just what your vet (and the trainer) will suggest to cure the behavior blues. Keep in mind that exercising your pet daily is a necessity regardless of size, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.


While there are many responsibilities that go with owning any pet, their unconditional love and uplifting company more than make up for it! Whether you are on the brink of bringing home a new furry friend or a seasoned dog-owning expert, we are here to help and answer any questions you might have. Contact us today at 701.757.3500.