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November 20

Indoor Pet Hazards

November 20,2019

While many of us are aware of the most common dangers for our pets, such as chocolate for dogs, there are a wide variety of toxic items your pet could stumble upon in your home that are easy to overlook. We want to make sure you and your pet can enjoy a safe home all […]

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November 8

Meet the GVAH Veterinarians

November 8,2019

At Grand Valley Animal Hospital, our doctors are the heart and mind of our practice. Our pet care professionals provide outstanding veterinary care, help foster great relationships, and offer customized care for you and your pets. If you haven’t had a chance to meet all the doctors at Grand Valley, we’d love to share the […]

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October 17

  Choosing the right trainer for your dog is just as important as the food you feed them and the veterinary care they receive. A good trainer not only helps with your dog’s behavior, he or she builds a bond which can lead to a more successful relationship with your furry friend. While there are […]

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