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August 14

  Vaccines for children and their possible long- and short-term side effects are a hot topic among parents. Did you know this conversation is also popular among the veterinary community and pet parents? One specific vaccine that has been called into question is the rabies vaccine. Pet owners are hearing it may cause ‘‘rabies miasm’’ which […]

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There is nothing quite like relaxing on a lounge chair with a cool beverage in the summer sun! The warmer weather also provides wonderful opportunities for your dog to exercise and play in the great outdoors by your side, but requires different levels of care. Here are safety tips for how to keep your pets […]

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June 20

    Know What You Are Getting Into   When you adopt a pet, you need to know you’re making no small commitment. Pet ownership is a life-changing commitment, and can even be a lifelong one if adopting certain pets, such as birds which can live up to 80 years. Part of being a great […]

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