Primary Care

From annual wellness exams and vaccinations to microchipping, our primary services focus on preventative care to help your pet live a longer, happier life.

Wellness Exams

As pets age, they are more prone to develop arthritis, dental disease, obesity issues, and behavioral problems. Yearly preventive wellness exams are used to document changes and make small adjustments in your pet’s routine care. By doing this we are able to discuss, diagnose, and treat your pet in advance of any major health issues and changes in lifestyle. This is also a great time to discuss permanent identification for your pet with a microchip implant.

Did you know that missing only one yearly wellness exam with your pet is the equivalent of missing 14-15 years in the pet’s lifespan?
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GVAH follows the recommendations of the American Animal Hospital Association which include core vaccinations every three years and non-core vaccinations annually. This may vary based on your geographical location and lifestyle. Rabies vaccinations are given based on city ordinances. 

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Diagnostic Testing/X-Rays

In-house diagnostic capabilities include ultrasound, hematology (red and white blood cell), chemistry, and microscope evaluation (urine and fecal). Advanced diagnostics, including full-body digital radiography, and specialists are available when needed.

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The microchip is a simple, non-surgical procedure; a microchip implant is placed under your pet’s skin at the back of the neck. This chip can then be scanned by most veterinarians, shelters, and rescue organizations to identify your pet if lost or stolen. 

Grand Valley Animal Hospital employee measures out exact doses of medicine for a patient


Visit our online store to conveniently refill your pet’s prescriptions with a large selection of medications and prescription diets. Most refills are available for next-business-day pickup; some medications take longer. After-hours pickup is also available in some cases; ask us how!

Specialty Diets

Innovation, methodology, and research are just a few reasons GVAH carries the Royal Canin Brand prescription diet food. Other prescription diet manufacturers’ products are available as needed or upon request. Ask us about our online store and how autoship can help you save time and money.

Nutrition Counseling

With the vast amount of misinformation and unhealthy food trends, it can be difficult to know what is actually good for your pet’s health. We offer nutrition counseling services from a scientific point of view such as allergy testing and nutritional screening, working with you to find the optimal diet for your pet.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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For your convenience and to help create a less stressful environment for our patients, we offer texting for appointments, pick-ups and more! When you arrive at our clinic, text us to let us know you’re here and our team will be out to help you and your pet.

Emergency Cases

Call the clinic Monday through Thursday from 5 PM to 9 PM at:

Pocket Pets & Birds

Beyond the traditional pet, we also provide services for the slightly more exotic.

Small Exotics

Small exotics, or pocket pets, range from rabbits, hedgehogs, and rodents (such as rats and guinea pigs), to reptiles like bearded dragons and iguanas. We can see your small exotic for most wellness exams, preventative care, special procedures, and surgeries.


We provide general avian services including wellness and sick pet exams, treatment, and maintenance such as wing, beak, and nail trims.

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