Dog on operating table at vet clinic.

Clinic Protocols: Improving Vet Visits for Your Pet

Everyone here at GVAH is happy to see that there is some normalcy returning to our lives and hopefully yours. Going through this pandemic has been stressful for everyone and we are proud that people have come together to help one another and allow us to have still been able to provide veterinary care for their pets during this ordeal.

Throughout this time of challenges and shifts in operation has come insightful knowledge that offers opportunities to continue improving the way in which we provide a safe and as stress-free environment as possible for our patients. Providing compassionate care that focuses on what is best for the animals in our care is always at the forefront of everything we do here at GVAH.

From these insights, we have adjusted our protocols long-term to adopt some of the procedures that have been put in place throughout the last year that have proven to be exceptionally beneficial to the pets in our care as well as improve the safety of our team.

1 Client Per Appointment

We will continue to limit only 1 person in the exam room for routine examinations or discussions.

What benefits does this protocol provide?

Through this pandemic, we have found that most of the animals who come to visit us are much more compliant and less stressed when their owners are not present for their examinations and routine care. Additionally, in emergency situations having more than one owner in the room may seem like the right thing to do for emotional support, but can oftentimes actually pose a threat to the pet by making it more difficult for the veterinary team to address the urgent medical issue.

Furthermore, limiting the small exam rooms to three people – doctor, technician, and owner – greatly improves the working conditions and health safety for our staff.

What about end-of-life or serious conditions?

We know how traumatic and emotionally stressful it can be to care for pets experiencing serious health conditions or nearing the end of their lives. For appointments of this nature, we are more than willing to make exceptions and allow two family members to be in the exam room to help slightly ease your stress during these trying times.

Limited Lobby Access

When you arrive for your appointment, we request that you remain in your car until the exam room is ready. To notify us that you’ve arrived, please use one of the following options:

  1. Text us at 701-291-4074
  2. Pop in, without your pet, to the front desk
  3. Call us at 701-757-3500

Curbside service

Our team will gladly continue to offer curbside service for any clients who wish to keep receiving their veterinary care this way. Here again, we’ve seen how less foot traffic in the lobby has greatly contributed to lowered stress impact on pets, while also providing added convenience and efficiency for pet owners. We’ve found this rings especially true for our clients with physical limitations, parents with small children, or those that would just rather sit in their comfortable vehicle rather than our small exam rooms.

Our entire staff here at GVAH is grateful for the continued support of our clients and the opportunity to keep providing your pets with the best possible care and environment. The health and happiness of the animals we care for is truly at the heart of why we do what we do every day. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of that in your pet’s life. If you have any questions about these new long-term protocols, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at 701-757-3500 or

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