Welcome to Pet Talk

Welcome to Grand Valley Animal Hospital’s new blog, Pet Talk! We are filled with excitement as we continue to help guide you further as informed and loving pet parents. This blog is to help educate pet owners, as well as those considering the responsibility of pet ownership, in many different areas of pet care and pet health.

Pet Talk will touch on current and useful topics that will enrich not only your pet’s life, but also your own journey as a pet parent. In addition to informative new posts, we’ve also included some of our best previous newsletter topics, such as spaying and neutering, indoor and outdoor pet hazards, heatstroke and overheating, to name just a few.

Stay tuned; there will be many interesting topics to come! Do you have a certain topic or question in mind that you would like our input on? Let the GVAH staff know, and we may feature your question in our next blog post.

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